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FALCON CREST was the most thrilling, exciting of the prime-time soaps this year and no on expected to be so enthralled. But there we were, week ofter week, from the moment Kim Novak (as campy mystery woman Kit Marlowe) swapped a brown wig for goldilocks, to the season's final frame of bedeviled Maggie holding her baby minutes after Melissa's car went off a San Francisco pier. We cracked up at the dialogue, cheered the new romance of Maggie and Richard (see Best Love Story), and were simply amazed at how fast the show was moving.

Speed was the secret weapon of executive producers Joanne Brough and Jeff Freilich this past year. That, and crackerjack directing, editing and new background music by Mark Snow made watching the show feel like a rollercoaster ride. Not a moment was wasted. The exterior shots looked great and the show's attention to detail, such as having Coast Guard helicopters present at the fall premiere rescue scenes in San Francisco Bay, was marvelous. Stories like the Kit Marlowe mystery were well-crafted and came full circle. Melissa's nervous breakdown and subsequent dangerous wife/chanteause turn gave us chills and laughs and Ana-Alicia some juicy moments.

In fact, all the major performers on FC were outstanding. Jane Wyman stole an entire episode with one Jack Benny-esque look and gave Angela a new vulnerability. Susan Sullivan gave Maggie more of an edge. David Selby truly hit his stride as Richard Channing, making him for the first time more of a hero than a villain. Viewers couldn't ask for more entertainment in an hour of television.
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