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AS THE WORLD TURNS socked it to its audience this year, delivering major revelations -- Lily's discovery that Iva was her natural mother -- with gusto, and celebrating the offbeat in romance (Barbara/Hal/Margo) and marriage (John/Lucinda; Casey/Lyla). They even had identical half sisters (Frannie/Sabrina) dueling over the same man. As a family drama, ATWT distinguished itself with the rescue of Andy's girlfriend from a drug overdose by the Teenage Hotline, which happened "live" on Kim's new television show. We will forgive ATWT for the prolonged Falcon story if they promise that James Stenbeck is truly and most sincerely dead.

Douglas Marland had once again introduced two new complex characters -- Josh Snyder and Sabrina Fullerton. Related to core families, they became surprising, pivotal figures in the lives of several characters. In fact, Marland's gift for throwing a new perspective on whole families and stories simply by mixing up character combinations (uniting the Walshes and John Dixon's children; intertwining the investigation of the Falcon with events in the personal lives of the police) is his strong suit. However, vastly underestemating the intelligence and fortitude of Lucinda Walsh (she never would have danced to James Stenbeck's blackmail tune) was a mistake.

ATWT earns consistently high marks for creating stories for all of its thirty-eight cast members and for its plot construction: the show is often unpredictable. ATWT's dynamic ensemble cast has the advantage of looking like real people, not models, thereby removing it from teh criticism regularly leveled at soaps by their detractors. Executive producer Robert Calhoun and company richly deserved their 1987 Best Show Emmy and the future looks great.
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