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If stepping into a role made memorable by another is one of soaps' hardest jobs, then embodying a character as complex as Dinah must be one of the worst. (Let's just say it involves far more than hair dye and snarky one-liners.) But somehow, Gina Tognoni made it look effortless. A talented actress with a firm grip on what makes her character tick, Tognoni has made Dinah into an essential GL fixture, again.

Tognoni adopted Dinah's trademark insecurity and acerbic wit, while adding a new layer of maturity and acute loneliness absent from previous incarnations (being on the run, pregnant and wanted for murder can do that to you). Most importantly, she has so fully embraced Dinah's tangled history that there's no sense of imitation to her performance; her predecessors have melted away. And that's the sign of the most successful recast: making us forget that they are one.

(Don't get me wrong, I loved Gina Tognoni as Dinah, but Wendy Moniz was always the best. As great as Gina was, whenever I think of Dinah, I still think of Wendy first.)
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