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Oh, Simon, we adored you so! You won us over with your Aussie charm and your perfect romance with Katie, even if ATWT rarely knew what to do with you. Then your portrayer, Paul Leyden, packed up for prime-time, but not before giving you two chances at good-bye.

Your January farewell was achingly poignant, honoring the chemistry and passion we fell for in the first place - bittersweet, sure, but absolutely faithful to character. You loved Katie so much, you let her go. In May, you were martyred at the "Matie" altar (it worked - we love them now) when ATWT gave you selfish schemes and shallow dreams that broke Katie's heart, devalued all of our investments (without a good excuse, like amnesia!) and made us wish you had died instead of your awful lackey, Pilar. So, if it's all the same, we'll just pretend that second guy wasn't really you.
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