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Dec 3 2009, 06:16 PM


Bo and Hope. John and Marlena. Jack and Jennifer. You can't really make up clever combo names for them like most of today's couples. (Bope? Jarlena? Don't think so.) But after all the years they've been together (Fifty-two between them!) and in spite of all the obstacles the writers have put in their paths to keep them apart, fans will only accept them together. By now, these duos are synonymous with Salem as Alice's doughnuts. Why? Because during the 10-year span in which they all got together - the '80s and '90s - the show had cornered the market on supercouples, penning enchanting, adventurous, romantic stories that propelled the actors onto numerous covers of Digest. Two decades later, the fans' appetite hasn't changed, a testament to the power of true (soap) love.
Interesting that while still together, two of these couples are no longer on the show. The remaining couple, Bo and Hope, is in the middle of a marital crisis.

Thanks for recapping these Best and Worst Issues. I subscribe to the magazine but I don't keep the issues so it's a nice look back in time.
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