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Always torn between his roguish Marler and sinister Spaulding sides, Phillip didn't start the year as a villain, but by the end, he had made his choice - malice stole his heart. And before he or anyone else knew it, there was no turning back: he kidnapped his kids; bulldozed Harley's house; covered up his daughter's hit-and-run and later orchestrated one of his own.

Phillip may have turned to the dark side, but Grant Aleksander kept him sympathetic by never altering his portrayal of a character he'd nurtured off and on for 22 years. Phillip saw the world as changed, not him; he justified his machinations with feelings that his friends and family had failed him. In the end, he was quintessentially, frustratingly, misunderstood.

Now one enemy has sent Phillip to an early grave - ending the madness, sure, but also ensuring that his disturbing descent will continue to haunt Springfield. And that's a sign of a great villain: Their legacy lasts longer than the character itself.
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