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As the son of Machiavellian Adam and world-class nurturer Dixie, J.R.'s pedigree brings a built-in potential for a fascinating study in conflicted morality. That is what we expected AMC to deliver when the character was aged to a young 20-something and given a well-intentioned but misguided bride who deceived him something awful.

Unfortunately, when J.R. began to uncover Babe's lies, the only colors that he showed were lifted from Adam's palette. His overnight, one-note ruthlessness was jarring, in part, because we'd seen this kid grow up and he had always been a sweet boy, if a bit troubled. What was missing were the markings of Dixie's influence, the shades of gray that make for a truly compelling villain - and although they're now beginning to peek out behind J.R.'s dark cloud, the character and the story would have been better served if they'd been in evidence all along.
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