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Maybe it's because they're all stranded together in the far-off expanses of Brooklyn. Or maybe it's Executive Producer Christopher Goutman, who has assembled (and mostly kept) a stellar cast by fostering a supportive, yet demanding atmosphere that makes us pity the performer who comes to ATWT unprepared. It could just be the luck of chemistry. But for whatever reason, they have become an ensemble in every sense of the word: a collaborative, cohesive cast whose members elevate each other and create a real sense of community. Consider the aftermath of Rose's death or Jack's funeral, when even the background action had us riveted, or the effect that those we don't see often, like Kim and Bob, have by immediately making us feel at home. And while the writing may have been uneven this year, the performances never were. Most shows consider themselves a family; ATWT makes us believe that they are one.
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