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He's sexy, he's brooding, he's filled with secrets - and he's played by Thorsten Kaye, which helps. He's Zach Slater and is one of the most dynamic additions to the AMC landscape in recent memory. The character's backstory is a bit silly - he's devil-incarnate Michael Cambias's doting brother, back from the dead - and yeah, he must have been really young when he sired Ethan, whose mom must have been really tall. And sure, Zach's introduction was lackluster, tied as it was to the crash-and-burn "Erica is a showgirl" yarn. But we quibble, really. The truth is that Kaye's magnetic presence makes him the perfect pitchman for what Head Writer Megan McTavish is selling: A few sizzling, re-created flashbacks with Eva La Rue (Maria) and voila! - a viable triangle with the Greys was born, and Wildwind became an intriguing destination once again. So, welcome to Pine Valley, Mr. Slater.
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