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Kim Zimmer can make anything work, but that's no excuse for consistently saddling Reva with some of the most sub-standard material in soaps. Thankfully this year, the show dropped all the nonsensical plot points and psychic skills and brought this fiery, loving-to-a-fault drama queen back to full-blooded life. The revelation that Jonathan, not Sandy, is her biological son sent Reva reeling. Why had Sandy orchestrated this charade? Why did she still love him like a son? How could she learn to love Jonathan, who is, quite frankly, a nightmare sprung to life? These are questions that resonate with the audience and give Zimmer meaty scenes where she can really shine. (The riveting confrontation between Reva and Jonathan in October is something that fans are still talking about.) Yes, Zimmer can do anything. But this is really something.
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