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Dec 4 2009, 08:12 PM


Granted, when we said that we wanted GL's vets to be showcased, we should have been more specific. Billy, Josh, Buzz, Ed and Alan are staples of Springfield, each with a long, complicated past that could have spun out interesting story. Instead, the show told viewers: Forget everything you've watched. Wipe years of story from your mind. From now on, think of Springfield as a magical place where the past, unless newly created, has no bearing on the present.

In short, the plot was this: These five men accidentally killed a girl 27 years ago and kept it a secret. A Southern aristocrat living in a secret cave sought revenge, but she was actually the murderer. Given these men's disparate histories and backgrounds, the created scenario never could have happened in '77. End of story - which, thankfully, is now rarely mentioned. Hey, maybe the past is sometimes better left buried.
Even with all the plotholes, I still loved this story.
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