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Boardroom battles would not appear to be a sizzling topic, but when the Forresters get their professional hackles up, high drama typically ensues. The source of 2004's power struggle was Thorne's push for a higher profile at Forrester Creations. He and big brother Ridge promptly locked horns and when patriarch Eric sided with Ridge, a ticked-off Thorne crossed enemy lines to run Spectra. His leadership (not to mention sabotage) transformed the struggling company into a respected comer that gave Forrester stiff competition. Take that, Ridge!

What makes this such a compelling competition is the intensity of it all. Ridge's arrogance versus Thorne's yearning for long-overdue respect drove the tale; the emotions were powerful and the characterizations consistent. B&B reinvigorated its two core families, brought years of Thorne's blistering-but-dormant resentment to a head and set the stage (or is that runway?) for future drama. And like the fashionistas, they did it with style.
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