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Unlike B&B, which has done a masterful job of connecting its corporate shenanigans to the hearts and souls of its characters, the wheeling and dealing that has left the fate of Cambias Industries floating in midair (Will Ryan keep it? Will Ethan get control? Or will Miranda Montgomery become a pint-sized CEO?) has been met with a yawn and a shrug from fans. Which makes sense. AMC wants us to believe that the stakes are high, but it just doesn't seem to matter all that much who ends up ruling the roost. When Michael was still around, we understood his thirst for control of the corporation - he was 1) ruthless and 2) desperate for daddy's approval. But the players currently circling around Cambias just don't share Mikey's lust for power and profit - and if we barely buy that they care about the company, well, why should we?
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