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Amnesia is one of those genre conventions that undoubtedly belongs in daytime. It's a classic twist - ranking above even interrupted weddings and long-lost children among old soap standbys - that rarely misfires. And yet this staple seemed to have been, well, forgotten in recent years. So, we were open-minded when GH's Nikolas got amnesia last April. Then, GL's Michelle, DAYS's Shawn and ATWT's Jack also became afflicted with the disorder. Suddenly, it was a case of too much of a good thing. It's not that any of the amnesia stories were bad; each version had merit and the actors involved did a fine job, but having nearly half of the daytime lineup featuring befuddled characters made us wish our memories had been zapped. Our advice: Any other show that plans to include this (admittedly irresistible) cliché had best forget about it - at least for a year.
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