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Soaps were 15 minutes to start, so maybe 12 or 13 minutes with commercials. They managed to do a lot more and the episodes felt more complete than this. Like with Gotham it sort of ends and I'm like "What?" I hope this is something these websoaps can improve upon. It feels like one long episode cut in the segments, which it is, but it shouldn't feel that way if presented in 6minute episodes. Not sure it has "tune in tomorrow" quality either. If I didn't know Otalia I wouldn't understand the purpose of the show. For the first episode they should've set up the seasons story arc better. Maybe show the two girls reuniting and explain their lives or relationship better so you could understand Galen Gering's response. He was let down by thin writing this episode. Not sure if he should've been the third person featured considering what they've shown us so far.

Of course I do plan on paying the $10, but only because I'm a hardcore soap fan and I want to see if it's successful and can sustain for another season.

The song featured was TERRIBLE. Melodramatic indie crap. It reminded me of GL. I do like the theme song featured in the teaser, but not what was in this ep. These web soaps are too short to have music with words. I'd much prefer a score whether it be traditional or not.
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