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Some of the worst mistakes soaps can make include: filling a screen with newbies, ignoring the vets, telling a boring, clichéd story and rewriting history in a way that doesn't make sense. With the introduction of the Santis, OLTL made all four blunders in one fell swoop. It was bad enough giving Dorian a secret past (and daughter) with a dead mobster and making Antonio his son. Unfortunately, the show also added three(!) new characters (Sonia, Tico and Angelina), which stole screen time from the vets. Then, there was the story itself, which was like a bad parody of THE SOPRANOS. We just couldn't get into a tale that featured a horny fed (Sonia), a moody ex-cop (Antonio) and Tico, possibly the blandest "villain" in daytime history. We're relieved that the Santis are finally gone because for a while, it seemed as if a hit was put out - on the audience.
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