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Last summer, with TV in dire need of a show that didn't involve forensics or freakish stunts, we were whisked away, along with broody Ryan, to THE O.C., a land of extreme wealth and even more extreme stories. By the time adorably nerdy Seth added Chrismukkah to our lexicon, the super-speedy plots had us hooked (especially for those of us still withdrawing from DAWSON'S CREEK and BEVERLY HILLS, 90210).

But could our new sugar high possibly last another season? And how! As year two kicked off, Sandy and Kirsten squabbled; Ryan actually smiled; Seth and Summer sizzled (despite a breakup); MIA little sister Kaitlin Cooper was neatly dispatched to boarding school (no HAPPY DAYS's Chuck Cunningham obscurity for her); Caleb faced financial ruin and we met four new characters, including a sexy gardener to spoil Ryan's reunion with his boozy, primal-screaming ex, Marissa. Delicious - California, here we come!
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