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Sheridan and Luis have worked together, danced saucy tangos together, faced assassins together, even lived together, but after a year-and-a-half of obvious longing, have yet to sleep together. Heck, it's generous even calling them a couple. Forget their torture - their slow-as-molasses romance had us feeling the pain.

While it was apparent to every viewer since day one that they were destined to be together, it took Sheridan and Luis months of stubborn squabbling before they even admitted that they wanted each other and then repeated misunderstandings and a French drug cartel came between them. But by building the sexual tension and prolonging their quest for happiness, PASSIONS made it impossible not to root for this couple - even if you were sick of them, you still had to see when they finally got together. That's why the latest obstacle (Sheridan's "death") was a whopper, but something tells us that love will conquer all...eventually.
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