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Face it: Kevin, Kelly and Joey are three of the handsomest adulterers on daytime today. But it takes more than good looks to make a perfect triangle, and thanks to a well-written, cautiously paced plot, viewers this year were treated to the final nail in the coffin of Joey and Kelly's tumultuous five-year relationship. Matching up Kelly's guilt over secretly longing for Kevin with Kevin's hang-dog, barely concealed desire was a stroke of genius. It truly caught fire once Joey and Kelly tied the knot - thus setting up the time bomb: Would Kevin sleep with his little brother's wife before or after Kelly spilled the beans? Time told, as did Kelly, which shattered the Buchanan boys' worlds - and finally gave Joey an edge. Joey's really ticked off now, and he'd love to find a way to show it. This, of course, makes for excellent suspense and adds just the right element to keep the triangle in ideal shape.
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