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Triangles work best when viewers are torn between a favorite couple and a viable interloper. So when Denise felt obligated to stay in her marriage of convenience to Andy during his paralysis, while true love Ben doubted his rival's sincerity, we were intrigued. Unfortunately, there was never any rooting value for Denise and Andy. In fact, the one constant was that Denise loved Ben, period - and that was never challenged. Denise may have grown comfortable with the Hughes family, but she never seemed to have any romantic interest in her hubby. Instead, the trianglers had endless, practically interchangeable conversations about the predicament and rarely resolved anything. It's a shame after all that, when Andy quickly confessed and Denise won her "freedom", Ben and Denise didn't even have a joyful, loooong-awaited reunion. Maybe the real shame is by that point, we didn't mind missing it.
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