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Viewing Single Post From: Weekly Discussion: Dec. 7th - Dec. 11th
Red Mist
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I liked the Scenes at Maggie's flop house. Melanie's snarky remark to Carly that the name burn victim Melanie would do just fine, cracked me up. It made me think of some friend doll of Barbie's...kinda like growing up Skipper. lol....Anyone play with one of those as a kid? I did. The fact that she grew boobs with the crank of her arm made me so jealous. Parents threw a fit over this doll. It was pulled. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvnmnygo2XE&feature=fvw

I love love loved Ej going off on Nicole. It was pretty comical...And Sami with her calm voice trying to sooth, that was of course anything but soothing. She sounded so stern and looked as though she was gonna bite the end of Nicole's nose off.

I wished so badly that Stefano would have had a fly swatter handy to tag Rafe in the face with...geeze, he annoys.

I love that Maggie is Salem's Mrs. Garrett. I do not like Melanie and I hate Mia, but I am liking this sl...Perhaps they will all grow on me...doubt it, but stranger things have happened.

Hope is so obnoxious now. It is breaking my heart. I wanna see her mowed down by a bread truck. Why on earth are they writing her like this? Are they trying to make us dislike her so we will be ok if they pair Bo with Carly?

The show was ok...I hope sls pick up soon. Things are begining to drag for me. We need movement.

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