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Halloween Family
Dec 7 2009, 07:02 PM
Ari has some balls whining to Brady about their relationship when he's busy trying to right a wrong with trying to find Sydney.

Normally, I hate abusive EJ or EJerk but I found myself in his corner when he said to Nicole "I'm going to kill you!"

Looks like Cleveland PD is MORE incompetent than the SPD. And SPD is pretty bad when their undercovers are people like Ari and Lucas.

Did Carly run over Mia and Melanie's puppy? Shit, they layed it on thick with the fake conflict stuff. Melanie does look similar to Carly, I'm think the doctor should be someone lighter complected, ie not Dr. Dan.

I'm enjoying Maggie running a house for wayward girls, she has a heartwarming relationship with Mia and Melanie. I find myself hoping that Mia will call Mags mom.
I didn't like that, if the man had screamed it twenty thousand times but never tried to kill someone. I would have been okay, but this man is homicidial. Yes, the only time he killed anyone or was responsible for a murder, was years ago. But since then, he's choked and joined with his father and hired a killer to kill someone.

And no, he wasn't trying to choke Nicole. But why does he feel the need to question someone by putting his hand to their throat.

Stefano is right he's got a bad bad temper. And yeah, my boy is obnoxious, I can't deny it.; But I do love it...

Can someone smack Melanie? Brady where are you when she needs someone to tell her when she's being a horse's ass.
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