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After all... tomorrow is another day!

I'm beginning to feel like the writers are stealing dialogue for Stefano to insult Rafe with from Daytime Royalty. And you know what? I'm OK with that.

I watched this one (along with a couple other soaps) with my Mom today so I can't say I paid that much attention to his one as I spent most of this epi trying to explain the baby switch to her. Or who people were since throughout the day I think the only people she recognized were Tad, Erica, Stefano, Bo and Hope (and I guess she knew Alison Sweeney from Biggest Loser and was asking me why her hair and outfit was so weird on Days... wish I knew, Ma!) and she knew nothing about General Hospital being about the mob and she thought Jason Morgan was a cop. LOL.

Anyway... about DAYS...

After all the talk about EJ choking Nicole or whatever... I didn't find the big throat grab that menacing. Certainly today was nowhere near the top ten in EJ Wells/DiMera menacing throat grabs.

And after all of Sami's... no EJ! Stop! Don't!... my mom and I both laughed when EJ got up and Sami sat on the bed she went straight into bitch mode like it was her turn. Is it just me or are they kind of playing Sami all over the place right now? I mean... one minute she's saying she's going to kill Nicole and acting like it and the next she's all tolerant of her and shit. Even if Nicole supposedly had this big epiphany where she picked up the phone to call Sami like she was going to bring Sydney home, it's still not realistic IMO that Sami would be AT ALL sympathetic or patient with her after what's happened so I don't know why they are going back and forth with her on that.

After the last two days I never have any interest in Arianna and Brady in a romantic scene ever again. Even though it doesn't make sense, Brady's clearly Nicole's bitch FOR LIFE!!!


Oh and I almost forgot... Ciara was very AWWWW today and I actually liked Bope's scenes. The visit to Santa was a nice way of bringing up their ongoing dealing with the kidnapping aftermath. I know not that long ago I was raving about Barly's chem but dammit, Ciara and the scenes with her sold me on Bope again. I want that little girl to have her mommy and daddy back together by Christmas... well... Christmas 2010.
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