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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Dec 8 2009, 09:59 AM
Dec 8 2009, 07:24 AM
I just read the Canadian day ahead and I've got to say the writing for the Bo/Hope storyline has just taken a really bad turn. How could Victor sit there while Vivian basically accused his son of having an affair and cheating on his wife? The worst part was he didn't even defend his son! I hope Bo kicks Victor to the curb and takes Ciara away from Victor. Bo hasn't seen Carly in 16 years! How could he have had an affair with her whilst she was married to Lawrence and him to Hope? It doesn't make sense! We all know it was Daniel she had the affair with! I can see it now. Hope's gonna think Bo cheated on her years ago with Carly and then she will cheat on Bo with Justin. How is this gonna be believeable to the audience? If they play this storyline this way they will lose a lot of viewers! This is just awful writing and the worst storyline for Bope!
Yeah I read that too.I have no idea how that Victor and Vivian think the affair Carly had was with Bo.That just makes no sense.
It will play in because then Viv and Victor will think that Mia is Bo and Carly's kid....and Vivian will try to kill the kid or something...Victor tells Hope....Hope and Bo pull further apart...then it will be revealed that Bo is not the father but Daniel is....and that Mia is not the daughter but Melanie is....reuniting Bo and Hope and starting trouble in paradise for Dan and Chloe specially since Phillip appears to be hung up on Mel and he is Chloe's former lover...will we see Phloe reuniting again in the long run....maybe....this is so predictable....
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