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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Dec 8 2009, 12:26 AM
Today's show was so slow...

First off, I wish that Nicole would have broken EJ's finger when he sticks it in her face like that. JS does threatening so much better when he isn't shaking or pointing his little finger or even strangling someone. Too OTT for me.

Knowing that Nicole loves EJ so much, there is no doubt that he could have batted his eyes at her and talked about her and Sydney and she would have crumbled. EJ of old could have made Nicole putty in his hands...and that also makes me think that EJ is behind the kidnapping as payback. That would just be so awesome!

And he looks like such an ass. Condemning Nicole for lying...from the lying master himself.
So much hypocracy in the show today.
Even without EJ and his holier than thou attitude, you have Rafe telling Stefano something along the lines of Ej not wanting Stefano around because he has done nothing but lie to him this past year! Hello, Rafe! You and Sami were lying to him so much longer.
And LOL about EJ telling Brady that Nicole fooled him the past year....Hello, EJ! Nicole fooled you too!
Too funny that Sami seems to be the only one who understands that Nicole is telling the truth.
The whole babyswitch is getting to be too drawnout and stupid. It is too the point where I don't care anymore who has Sydney. Definite fatigue here.

I hate Melanie's new little anti-Carly attitude. WhereTF did that come from?
Mia looked like she almost fell asleep during her scene with Carly. Think she is stoned?
Arianna is just annoying as hell with her "Nicole's lies are ruining everyone life" shit. I think she is just jealous that Nicole can actually keep a secret unlike Arianna who tells the entire town that she is a drug dealer. Oh and WTF with the makeup today. She looked clownish.
It's sad how much I hate Hope recently. Bo can do so much better than her little princess entitled ass.

Kind of dull show today even with all the action.
As much as it depresses me to admit it, I pretty much agree with every word of this post. EJ's ranting and raving is definitely growing old - and you're absolutely right. All he would have to do is change his tactic and manipulate Nicole in to believing that he still loves her and wants to help her and she'd be his for taking. Stupid, stupid writing. Not a fan of the way EJ's being written at this point. :shame:

Melanie and Mia - WTF? I don't really give a shit where Carly lives, but it certainly wasn't their place to run her out of Maggie's.

Arianna is very, very close to being just as boring and repetitive as her brother. Shocker, I know.

And WTF is up with Sami's hair? A pony tail should look casual, right? So why does it look like her hair has enough hairspray in it to make it a protective helmet?
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