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The idea that Brooke would fall in love with the drunk driver who in 1988 killed her daughter is unsettling, but could have been intriguing. Sadly, this tale was riddled with problems right from the start. The show hurriedly involved Brooke with Eliot, and didn't do a convincing job of establishing a real love connection. Scenes of the two spouting poetry didn't override a lack of chemistry between the performers. AMC then rushed Eliot's confession, during which he explained that he was really ex-cop Josh, who had run down little Laura. He'd undergone plastic surgery after prison fights scarred his face, and he changed his name. Needless to say, Brooke turned her back on the not-so-holy man, and the story floundered. Julia Barr's Brooke and David Beecroft's Eliot might have generated more heat if only AMC had taken their time as Brooke (and the viewers) fell for Eliot, and then revealed the secret, the dramatic resonance of which is directly related to the depth of Brooke's feelings. AMC could have mined Laura's tragic death for a fulfilling, emotional story. Instead, it just left us feeling empty.
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