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In the '80s, we rooted for high school sweethearts Phillip and Beth. In the '90s, we cheered when Phillip and Harley fell in love and wed. In 2000...we were torn. Phillip and Harley's relationship was as fun and passionate as ever, but Beth and Phillip's secret (she was pregnant with his child) threatened to tear the Spauldings apart. Also at stake was Beth's marriage to Jim, who wasn't her knight in shining armor, but offered Beth what Phillip never could: stability.

With all these factors in the mix, we weren't sure what the end result would be. When Phillip revealed baby James's paternity, the marriages seemed doomed. But it wasn't as simple as that. Each couple struggled to accept the consequences of Phillip and Beth's one-night stand - and discovered that both unions were worth saving. Thanks to dynamic writing and acting, the reconciliations of Harley/Phillip and Jim/Beth rang just as true as the estrangements.
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