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Josh and Reva have been through rough and calm seas together, so when their marriage sank this year, we were set for either: a) an emotionally charged custody fight/divorce or b) some major torch-carrying/fights about new romances. What we got were fits and starts down both paths. The story focused on Reva tracking down illegal immigrants with boy toy Noah, and Josh careening headfirst into a heavy-duty affair with Olivia. When the four points did come together, admirable performances across the board couldn't disguise that their screaming matches sounded like jealous teenagers bickering. Wouldn't Olivia and Reva's friendship during her amnesiac years in San Cristobel be a bone of contention or source of intrigue for Josh? Wouldn't Olivia have dirt on Noah (her ex-flame's best pal)? History could have saved this foursome; instead, history is exactly where this quadrangle now belongs.
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