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What a difference a year makes - who would have known when snooty material girl Alison first joined the PORT CHARLES gang that she'd transform into a sympathetic heart-stealer? Originally, Alison came to work at General Hospital for the sole purpose of snagging a Beemer from Daddy, but she grew up fast after being attacked by numbers-runner Cedric last summer...and killing him in self-defense. By year's end, she was standing up courageously to her formidable grandmother and forfeiting her inheritance to be with the man she loves, Jamal. None of that character growth could have been accomplished without the engaging talents of Erin Hershey. With her smart mouth and that nasal twang of a voice, Alison easily could have rung one-note, but Hershey's humor and heart truly earned Ali the nickname that Jamal gave her - "Spunky."
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