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Did Stefano and Rolf download the real Hope's personality to a disc and swap it out with a crazy immature harpy's when no one was looking? What gives her the right to badger Carly about living with someone else, and picking Mia for info like that was really low. This has got to be one of the worst character assassinations on record. Loved Carly's line about not everything being about Hope.

Onto Mia, this girl lies as easily as Nicole does. Maybe she really is hers.

EJ looked nice today with his stubble, but that and Nicole escaping were the only interesting things about Cleveland. Enough standing around yelling and crying. Lets get this story solved before Syd is sorased to thirty. Roman's praise of Rafe for realizing most mom's wouldn't bash their daughters' heads in was telling, though. If that's great detective work in his eyes, no wonder the Salem police department is such a joke.

Vivian and Kate were awesome. They need a whole show dedicated to them. Did Vic show up at Bo's just to get Ciara? That scene was out of place.

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