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Halloween Family
Dec 8 2009, 05:39 PM
So are we at the Twist part yet? I feel like we are in the eye of a tornado, waiting for the shake up to happen. It seems like the list of suspects are:
Stefano-to play the hero OR to keep Syd away from Ejami.
Faye-she doesn't have the wherewithall to pull that off.
Dr. Baker-to sell a Dimera baby on the blackmarket.
I'm not sure why you have a question mark next to EJ. I actually think EJ has the most interesting and most complete motive of anyone. There are three people who have deceived/betrayed him in this story, and in one fell swoop he can get revenge on all of them because they all want Sydney. He gets his revenge on Nicole for faking the pregnancy and lying to him, his revenge on Sami for trying to withhold his child from him and his revenge on Stefano for being in cahoots with Nicole to deceive him. He could have taken Sydney with one of two possible outcomes: either he took her to play hero to Sami, in which case her suffering will be short-term (and Stefano's as well, depending on if this alleged disownment ever takes), or he may intend to keep Sydney hidden from everyone permanently, though naturally I would assume somebody would figure it out eventually.

EJ's behavior has been pretty suspicious and it may all be a red herring, or he could be behind it. As has been noted here already, he sure seems to be stalling and shooting down everyone else's ideas and flat ignoring the advice about how to handle Nicole and the plan to fly commercial was never explained as making any sense when Brady had the Titan jet available. Like I say, it could all add up to nothing but I really think EJ being behind it would be really good story. But I guess we'll know . . . I was going to say "soon enough," but I should probably say, "eventually."
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