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Outraged fans cried, "foul" in 1999 when Michael Nader was axed from his role as Dimitri. They missed Nader's textured portrayal of the dark, charismatic count. Happily, ALL MY CHILDREN fixed things by bringing Nader back in time for May sweeps and plunging presumed-dead Dimitri into a complicated triangle with "widow" Alex and brother Edmund. This wasn't a tale of "Who will she choose?" - Alex promptly rushed back to her hubby. Now the story is about the fallout from this complicated family affair. Alex is in love with Dimitri, yet she's still drawn to her ex-fiancÚ, who has gone a little loco in the wake of their breakup. Nader's chemistry with co-stars Finola Hughes (Alex) and John Callahan (Edmund), combined with a talent for convincingly playing romantic hero or big, bad meanie, prove that he - and the count - are back where they belong.
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