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Dec 8 2009, 06:28 PM
I actually think this is the easiest way for EJ to exact revenge on those three people, since the one thing they have in common is Sydney and wanting her. This way he doesn't have to come up with a dastardly revenge plan like a Bond villain for each one separately. With Sami, it's complete tit for tat.

I also don't see why it's any more effort for him to be the culprit than it would be for Stefano. And it's actually easier for him, who still has Daddy's resources, apparently, even though there's supposed to be the disownment, than it would be for, say, Owen, who has no money as far as we know and no resources, nor do we have any reason to believe he knows anything about Nicole being on the run or being in Cleveland. EJ will just use somebody he hires anyway, he wouldn't actually do the napping. It would have to be a really seat-of-the-pants plan for anybody but EJ or Stefano or someone affiliated with them. Even the hotel clerk, who I still think would be the utterly lamest of the possibilities, wouldn't have had much time to formulate a plan. I'm not saying I would necessarily hate it if Dr. Baker or Owen was behind it--in fact, I'd be happy to see Dr. Baker again--just that there are more holes to fill for them than if it were EJ or Stefano.

I don't agree either that EJ returning Sydney to Sami wouldn't change her stance on him. I agree that she doesn't love him, but she would probably believe he had truly forgiven her if he returned Sydney to her and didn't fight over custody with her any more, and if EJ wants to start a relationship with her then perhaps he would think that's a good first step. Heaven knows I don't want that to happen, but I could see it.

I agree it's the easiest in the sense that he can kill 3 birds with one stone. If his plan is to keep Sydney away from everyone permanantly, then logistically how would it work. He's not like Stefano, he's more of a hands on kind of dad so unless EJ is going to be leaving Salem I don't see this happening. What about Johnny? Is he going to kidnap him too? I don't see EJ making a Sofie's Choice. Again, it doesn't seem worth all the effort.

Yes, I agree EJ wouldn't get his hands dirty in all this, he would hire someone to do it which is making me think we might have a Man on Fire situation, crap.

He might score half a point with Sami by playing hero, doesn't seem worth the effort. I don't think she gives a shit if EJ forgives her or not, she just doesn't want him to hassele her over custody issues. I do think EJ still has it bad for Sami but he should know better that this method won't pan out for him, crap...this is probablly what they are going to do, thanks Paxton,lol.

Who needs money to buy a blunt object to crack Nicole in the head? Sydney herself would be the paycheck.

Hotel Clerk:
The spoiler pic from CD Twitter does look like the clerk but I didn't even want to put out there in the ether because that would be the lamest.

In fact, this whole twist seems like it's turning out to be a big jerkoff.

Unrelated, it was nice touch albeit tiny to have Stefano say he has experience in these types of situations, it made me think that is how he found EJ when he was a child. Also, nice was Victor spending time with Ciarra and picking her up.

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