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The best breakups on soaps aren't knock-down, drag-out fights, but wrestling matches. This protracted split came on the heels of months of Vicky's lying and changed Jamie from a wimp into a man. There is still unfinished business between the couple -- like who gets custody of their son, Steven. Anne Heche plays teh manipulative Vicky with gusto and the right amount of vulnerability. Watch her in action and you'll see how hard it is for a pliant soul like Jamie to get away from her. Vicky's already tried to bribe Jamie with her vote to win the presidency of Cory Publishing for Rachel, in exchange for Steven. Vicky claims to hate Jamie because he won temporary custody of their son, Steven. Jamie claims to hate Vicky for all of her deceit. Sure. When they got their divorce papers in the mail, they were still upset about being separated. With Little Steven caught in-between, watch for serious fireworks in the ensuing custody battle -- Vicky is a monther with a mission.
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