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Male friendships are seldom explored with any depth on soap operas. Basically, men compete for or save the women. On GUIDING LIGHT, Head Writer Pam Long develops her friendships between men as fully as her romances between men and women. When Rick found out that Phillip was the father of his wife's baby, Rick told Phillip that their lifelong friendship was over. Phillip was devastated, but the damage seemed irreparable. However, Bauer's resolve to detest his best friend crumbled; he couldn't stay away. When Phillip acted on these signs of encouragement (like Rick showing up at his wedding), Bauer backed off. Then it looked like Beth was alive. Rick tried not to care. He told Phillip to handle it on his own. But when the going got tough, Rick showed up at Beth's grave and he and Phillip traded hatred for hugs as they shared a tearful reconcilliation. Mature, sensitive performances by Michael O'Leary (Rick) and Grant Aleksander (Phillip) proved that chemistry is not restricted to soap cuper couples.
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