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Kudos to Days. They had her taping on a closed set. I hope they continue to do shit like this because it makes all the difference. Looks like Tomlin picked up some more stuff from Passions. Passions was always the one show this decade to still be able to pull off big surprises, especially when it came to mysteries like this.

Whoever came up with this idea is BRILLIANT! It makes sense. She was pissed off at Stefano last time we saw her. She may want revenge but she may also want to protect the child too from the Dimera's. They can play so much here.

This goes to show you how organized and planned out Days is now. That is why they are doing so well. You can tell they laid out story early this year and added little pieces but still stayed true to their plan.

It seems they are open to keeping her beyond the kidnapping. I hope so. She would be great opposite Vivian and Kate. Hell, keep her for Roman. I will suffer it LOL. She is such a Tomlin/Whitesell type of character.

I guess we know who the blonde was in the Twitter pic Casey posted. It had to be Anna and the house set is where she has Sydney. I bet the urn we saw in the pic is Tony's. I bet Days wasn't happy that pic was posted LOL.

Also, I thought the kidnapper is revealed next Friday. SOD has it listed as this Friday. Hmm...
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