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Analyze this: a former girlfriend asks you for a "donation" so she can be artificially inseminated and have a baby. You talk it over with the wife and agree it's not a good idea. But while your spouse is out of town, she sends an e-mail that gives her blessing for you to share a night of procreative sex with your ex. After reading the message you: A) Get your wife on the phone and ask her if she's lost her marbles, or B) Hop in the sack with your former flame, soon proves to be quite the fertile Myrtle...er, Morgan. Since this category is Dumbest Male, Ridge obviously selected Option B. And of course, Morgan was the person who sent the cyber-missive, the authenticity of which was questioned by Ridge for oh, about a minute. Only later was he shocked to learn that wife Taylor didn't send the e-mail. Duh. While Ridge has made some questionable decisions over the years, he's never remotely resembled the village idiot, which is exactly what this bone-headed move made him.
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