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Frankly, it's shocking that it took three tries in as many years for a charismatic actor like Hunt Block to settle into a daytime role that would stick. The actor specializes in engagingly duplicitous characters, like GUIDING LIGHT's Ben and ALL MY CHILDREN's Guy, but the writers of those shows wasted him as all-purpose villains and quickly wrote him into corners. Luckily, ATWT got it right. Everyone loved Scott Bryce, who played the role on and off for 12 years. But in his last few appearances, Craig just wasn't himself anymore. Block brought back the devious-yet-endearing qualities that defined the character in his golden years. Sure, he's self-serving and crafty with a blurry moral code, but you still can't help but love him. And he's never downright evil, so he won't get himself killed. In this case, for Block (and for us), the third time really is the charm.
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