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When Michael Lowry exited the role of Jake this year, AMC recast with J. Eddie Peck. Trouble is, Jake didn't just get a handsome, new face, he got a new personality - and not a better one. The doc went from an ordinary Joe, who though flawed (he could be whiny and arrogant), was basically your average good guy: solid and dependable. New Jake is puzzling. He's a swaggering superhero one day, who's surly and aloof the next. Say what you will about old Jake, but upon returning from his self-imposed exile, he would have fought tooth and nail for Gillian, not played come here/go away. Old Jake could be morose, but he didn't go on TV-smashing rampages. Old Jake shared an easy humor with brother Tad that's now sadly absent. Old Jake knew how to pronounce his wife's name. It sounds like jill-e-un, not je-yun. (Use the "l"!) AMC looked at dozens of actors and delayed letting Lowry out of his contract while it conducted a search for the Jake recast. Nothing against soap vet J. Eddie Peck, who boasts a fan base from his previous soap stints, but after all the anticipation, Jake's return fell flat.
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