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He may be royalty, and he may be charming, but Edmund's more like the Prince of Darkness than a white knight: He injected a comatose Vanessa with poison, broadcast footage of Cassie stripping and blackmailed Phillip with the videotape of Spaulding and his ex-wife making love - wielding his threats with calm confidence and precise grammar. But while Edmund's wily charm and devilish brilliance is captivating, what endears us to this bad boy is knowing that, deep down, he has a soft spot. He bought a stuffed unicorn for Lizzie when she was battling leukemia and befriended a downtrodden Susan, no strings attached. It's Edmund's relationships with these youngsters that show what really makes him tick: He has always played second fiddle to his big brother, do-no-wrong, ruler-of-the-island Richard. Sure, Edmund will sink to any depth, but knowing why he constantly takes that plunge makes for a well-rounded, fascinating villain.
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