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When Nicole came to town in 1998, she didn't make much of an impression. Who cared about a coffee pourer-turned-fashion model with a "secret" past and no connection to a front-burner family? The character could have slipped out of Salem unnoticed. But something happened when Kate paid Nicole to marry Lucas last year - she turned into a conniving bitch and has now usurped Sami's position as the girl you love to hate. And ever since she cashed that $5 million check, Nicole hasn't paused on her path of destruction: She slept with Rex, Eric and Victor; got Lucas to hit the bottle again, and tortured poor Greta and Fay. Arianne Zuker effectively punctuates Nicole's scenes with a roll of the eyes, a knowing smirk or an exaggerated sigh, clearly relishing her alter ego's about-face. But at the same time, Zuker infuses Nicole with just enough vulnerability (her forced porn past did tug at the heartstrings a bit) so she isn't completely vile. And isn't that the recipe for the perfect vixen?
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