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Nov 29 2009, 07:28 AM
Well, maybe they're hoping Melanie/Philip will be the next Jack/Jennifer. My inner jury is still out on these two. Melanie is just too perky for me. Well, Jennifer was perky, too, so who knows? I would rather see Philip play with the big boys (and girls!). I don't think Molly Burnett is quite ready for that. Her spunk comes across as too teenybopper with very little maturity. Now, if they show her saving a life (never mind the funeral home stuff and working with Nathan to save Chloe) in a MATURE manner rather than a BettyBoop manner, I might change my mind. I think I'd like her better, too, if I didn't see so many pictures of her at the Day of Days trying to be a gum model. (Gums as in the gums of your mouth). She just seems too forced and her "bubbliness" seems too "Hey, look at me! Aren't I cute, perk, and bubbly?"
Cuz she is cute and bubbly, that's why I like her.

She also had Phil's back when she helped him find Stephanie and risked her life to do it. She hasn't judged Phil nor asked him to change and Phil doesn't want her to change, either. He's not trying to be her daddy or her big brother because he doesn't think she needs guidance. They accept each other for who they are not who they want them to be.

Which is why Stephanie and Nathan are perfect. They're the people they're trying to get Phil and Melanie to change into.
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