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If any theme could charm viewers into watching a show, this one could. Written and produced by Michael Gore (who won Oscars for penning the themes for Fame and Terms of Endearment), the GENERATIONS theme mixes pop, blues, and ragtime, with a gentle Scott Joplin-flavored piano accompaniment. The fresh and clever graphics, featuring colorized photos that give a smattering of American history, black and white, attempt to place the show's characters in a larger context -- a first for a soap opera.


One-time chartbuster Johnny Mathis's hits have found a permanent home on any lite-FM station in this country. "What Will My Mary Say," "Wonderful, Wonderful," "Chances Are," -- his songs of sugary romance have made him a very wealthy man. LOVING hired him to croon their first vocal theme, a song with four lines in it. One of them, "My loving will protect you," is a real yawner. They would have been better off updating their instrumental theme. While Johnny croons, eight generic couples swirl across the screen. These amateurish paintings might have been illustrations for a comic book about brides. Why did LOVING choose to emphasize couples? The show is not about couples. It's about love triangles, quadrangles and pentangles.
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