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I just downloaded a torrent of season three and I'm loving it. I'm a massive Knots fan btw. Originally I didn't really care for season two and three, but rewatching them I am fascinated. The subtext is killer and these characters are so well developed. Even the most generic self-contained plot is twisted and made fresh and results in major developments for these characters. There are no big dramatic fires or murders (well Sid, but that wasn't exploitative), just real people dealing with as real stories as you can get on a soap.

Originally I thought season three was too dark, but it's working so far. I think Sid was great, but I can't see him or KL Moters fitting into the later seasons. I love the fake out with his death. I'm sure seeing him in the credits then surviving the first episode, fans thought he was going to live. When he finally died? Total shock. Even though I've seen it before. All the actors did amazing work.

I also am loving Abby's stolen kids. I wish Olivia and Brian's father continued to interact with them throughout the years. Now I'm looking forward to the Abby/Gary/Valene triangle, Joe Cooper (should've gotten with Ginger and stuck around!) and the smashing Richard/Laura drama.

I just wish those DVDs would pick up! The show would sell better once they get to the middle years.
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