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James Stenbeck (Anthony Herrera) has been dead and alive, on and off, for years. But now he's finally dead and buried, thanks to a wonderfully suspenseful climax delivered by Head Writer Douglas Marland. Stenbeck was back to convince his son Paul (Andy Kavovit) to leave Oakdale and come with him. In the course of his pursuit, James decided to torment his ex-mistress Emily Stewart (Melanie Smith), one last time and he snuck into her apartment. Emily was in the shower and James busied himself by reading some letters on teh dining-room table. They were love letters written to Emily by Paul and James went berserk when he read them. Emily came out of the shower and James leapt upon her, trying to strangle her for seducing his son. Paul came in, saw his father attacking Emily and shot him. A tightly directed episode featuring fine work by the principals, the death of James Stenbeck put to rest a long reign of terror by a master criminal.
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