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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Nicole Dimera
Dec 12 2009, 01:14 PM
Dec 12 2009, 10:47 AM
I haven't listened to it yet, but good gosh...they've really stuck with those penguins. Those scenes when he first got them was so dumb.
The question was did Galen like the penguins that the Safe fans sent in and he said yes. He went on to say that him and Ali have one in their dressing room and Gary Tomlin has the other in his office and he doesn't remember where the 4th one is. He also says that they will be mentioning or showing those penguins in the upcoming episode. The safe fans equate the penguins as Safe being soulmates or something like that. I thought it was pretty cool they kept the Penguins especialy GT he must like Safe.
GT may very well like Safe, but I doubt him having a stuffed penguin in his office means anything. I'm sure they have crap in their offices/dressing rooms from all the fanbases.

What I remember from the part I listened to had GG pimping Safe all the way, as one would expect, but he also mentioned that producers have told him that TPTB want fans rooting for different pairings so there is drama back and forth.

Anyway, I understand that the penguins are a special thing for the Safe fanbase but I do agree with lysie that the scene with the penguins were dumb. Isn't him going out to do Christmas shopping to get the penguins what led the killer to Sami's safehouse in the first place? Or at the very least what got him stabbed and then he developed the fever/infection and was incapable of protecting Sami? :eyeroll:
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