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It ain't easy playing the doe-eyed ingenue who, within days after coming to town, beds one half of the show's most popular couple. Unfortunately, May's one-note cluelessness racked up no sympathy vote. How does an audience embrace a character who has never realized that cigarette smoke can cause cancer? May's ability to be flustered by simple routines (greeting casino guests, making change) is not an endearing personality quirk - it was sheer boneheaded flakiness that rubbed everyone the wrong way. We could have accepted an explanation of May's flightiness. An undercover FBI informant? Cognitively challenged? Amnesia? No luck; so far, May is just a sweet, small-town girl in awe of her (as she calls it) "sticky-outy skirt". Oy vey. Even movie-crazed May would realize that her character is one that should have ended up on the cutting-room floor.
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