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At first, Philip and Chloe engaged in a typical high school scenario - popular kid taunts brainy outsider. But DAYS took the (teen)age-old tale in a new direction. While mocking Chloe with chants of "Ghoul Girl", Philip slowly grew enamored with the Object of his Infliction. Eventually, a made-over Chloe wowed Philip at the school dance, but as Chloe soon learned, he'd only agreed to escort her after losing a bet.

From there, DAYS could've gone the predictable route and made the two adversaries again. Instead, they grew closer as Philip ditched his popular buds (a fate worse than death for some teens) and literally went out on a limb to woo her back. His romantic tactics included a Romeo-esque plan to greet Chloe at her window (it went bust when the tree branch broke) and a serenade. Sigh. Is it any wonder she forgave him?

Now that Brady's in town, it looks as if Philip's got competition. But when it comes to wearing his heart on his sleeve, we're certain Phil has another trick up it.
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