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A recent Internet search yielded more than 150 Web site mentions of them. Characters on POPULAR and BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER have talked about them. They're definitely PASSIONS's most recognizable duo, but in the pantheon of memorable soap couples, Tabitha and Timmy will surely go down as the strangest. Because they're so unorthodox - remember, Tabitha is a 300-year-old witch and Timmy's a living doll - they're something that's gotten increasingly rare: daytime originals. Just watch Timmy get the stuffing kicked out of him trying to save his "Princess," Tabby's merciless scolding ("Unless Timmy wants to be replaced like Darrin was on BEWITCHED, Timmy better get with the program," she once snapped) or the countless montages where one mourns the other's "demise" to sweeping, romantic songs like "My Heart Will Go On", and try not to laugh. It's funny because of that bizarre juxtaposition of an unconventional couple with traditional soap operatic notions of true love. In essence, Tabitha and Timmy are the perfect ambassadors for the surreal, topsy-turvy world of PASSIONS. No wonder everyone took notice.
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