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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Dec 13 2009, 09:23 PM
Dec 13 2009, 06:51 PM
But why can't EJ be bad with a bad love interest? We all seem to love this idea of a 'bad ass' super couple that schemes together, but in theory, it never works because the writers always have it that the couple starts lying to each other...than poof.

IMO, big missed opportunity. Two people can be bad...together. And by bad, I mean gray. I agree, you can't have people become complete villains or else they become unlikable.
EJ can be bad/grey with a love interest...EJ and Nicole would be perfect. EJ and Nicole are kind of like EJ and Sami could have been until they royally fucked that up. EJ doesn't have to white wash who he is for Sami to accept him and Nicole is a tough chick who can actually put up with EJ and doesn't mind who he is. And EJ already knows that Nicole can match him in wit and cunning.

It's just like Stefano and Kate...they both know that each other is pretty rotten, and they can be pretty rotten with each other, but they also can handle each other.
I love bad love interests...so much more interesting than glittery love interests.

LOL at picking apart Rafe for being/not being sarcastic! Such a mean guy, ain't he! :P But hey, at least he is trying to find Sami's kid and not standing around pointing his finger in everyone's face! LOL!
I honestly do see why many thought EJ and Nicole had great potential. But for me, they were ruined from the start because of how they started. Nicole entered in to the relationship knowing full well that EJ was head over heels in love with Sami. He told her so repeatedly - so it's not as though she was just unaware. Yet they moved forward when EJ very clearly settled for her after finding out she was pregnant and extending one last opportunity to Sami at the cabin to give him any indication there was hope for a future for them. And then to have Nicole proceed with all the lies and deceit just compounded the issue. Even at the point that she miscarried I do think TPTB had the opportunity to make EJole the rooting couple - if she had been honest with him and he had stood by her regardless. Had those things happened I know in my heart I would have lost all hope for EJami. But since it didn't play out that way and EJ was basically lied to, manipulated and made to look like such a doofus it ruined any chance I might have found to root for EJole.

I love the character of EJ and it was awful, for me, to watch him be sacrificed so completely for this storyline. So as much as I think both Ari Z and James Scott are fantastic, sexy, talented, funny, etc - I just can't root for their characters to wind up together based on the history that already exists between them.

No doubt that is exactly how many feel about EJami - that their history hinders any opportunity for them to be a viable pair in the future - and I get that. But for me, the history be damned with EJami. I wanted them before the worst of it happened, and I wanted them more afterward. So clearly, we all want what we want for whatever reasons...and that's why TPTB have such an easy time of it stirring the fan base wars and making us all half crazy with frustration. :lol:
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